Apr 031977
 April 3, 1977

Spring 1977 — Eleven San Pedro Artists.   Craig Antrim, Mariene Bleich, William Crutchfield, George Ketterl, Kathleen McCafferty, Jay McCafferty, John McCracken, Pete Mendez, John Okulick, Martin Webber and Nancy Webber (catalogue).

Apr 021977
 April 2, 1977

Spring 1977 — So Many Artists. Women Artist Information Exchange, Rosalyn Mesquita, Judith I. Corona, Mary Lou Barron, Katie Apgar, Pat Kelly, Eileen L. Roach, Connie Butz, Lea Thompson, Marjorie Sullivan, Lilo K. Hatfield and Charlotte Malone.

Apr 011977
 April 1, 1977

Spring 1977 — Black Hole Passion Play. Site specific performance piece by faculty and students of the Chapman University Art and Communication departments.